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About Us

We are a nopal design - a Designer and an Architect uniting forces to create a studio for sustainable design. From Colima, the former capital of Mexico we work and invent in our creative workshop. Our drive is to bring to the market sustainable products that are well thought, fair trade, and high quality.

Brenda G. González Guzmán, M.Sc.

Architect & Design Researcher

Hola, I am the Mexican part of the company. My formation as an architect allows me to be well aware of the environment and space where a project is being developed. This way our projects and products are created to work as a whole within their surroundings. As a design researcher, I help companies and institutions to reach their potential through design strategies like user experience (UX), innovation, design thinking, circular design, etc.

Marvin Kracheel, M.A.

Industrial Designer

Hallo, I am the German part of nopal design and the industrial designer of the team. I am passionate about sustainability in the design field. My knowledge in digitalization and visualization allows me to bring projects to life even before being constructed. At the company, my role is to invent and innovate in our products and services. Also, I enjoy taking the challenge to find the best solution considering all aspects around a project like the user needs, material efficiency, economic factors, and ecology.

What We Do

We are a creative company that stands for the sustainable practice of design. This company started with the idea of combining two creative cultures: from Germany and Mexico. This way nopal design was born, to create high-quality design products that are handmade by Mexican artisans.

The concept behind each of our products is to be sustainable, that means that our products are socially responsible, ecological, and profitable. We value our partnership with the artisans and their work to deliver the highest quality on our products and services.

Product Design

At nopal design workshop we develop our own design line of products. Our mission is to create eco-friendly alternatives for people who are seeking for everyday objects that are made with design, high quality, and are sustainable. Furthermore, we love to collaborate with companies and support them on the design stage for the industrial development of their products.

Costumized Solutions

Also, we work with a great variety of clients and we develop products at their request especially in the area of architecture and interior design. We follow our clients' projects from the beginning to the end, from concept, plans, and visualizations, to construction site inspection and the final touches.
It doesn't matter if it's a home, corporative design, workshop, school, hotel, or doctors' office. The variety of request is different and each of our projects is unique.


Among our services we are also a consulting agency of design to help you reach the potential of your company or institution. How? well, we apply different design strategies to understand the needs of custumers, employees, and leaders. Also, we help companies to layout solutions and future endeavors, preparing them to adapt and take advantage of the threats that might appear on their way by creating new opportunities and advantages. This way we help them to position themselves as progressive and serious brands.

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